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"Self portrait in shadow"
At the second year of my education, thanks to help and convincing from my friends I was able to present my works.


"The little match girl"
I am opening exhibition of my drawings.

In the middle my friends Beata Krystek and her future husband Adam Borkowski

The group of my schoolmates

"Unknown painting by El Greco"
Me and Beata Borkowska. We were roommates at dormitory.  Picture was taken somewhere inside Wawel castle by her future husband Adam.

Gate into abyss: Academy of Fine Arts- main entrance.
My friends ready to jump there

Piotr Pomianek is working!
We were working in the same studio for some time. He sang for me, made me laugh and no, we were not in love.
Peter! Love you!

Don't take your work too seriously.
To practice we were using a clay, and after finishing  plaster casts were made; anyway, almost all of our creations went to so-called "Louvre", which meant trash container.


Short break in fighting for my masters degree


After fighting for a while...

I am explaining myself to "High Council"



Copyright: Beata Rosinska-Hilsberg